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Our Week at a Glance - November 14-18


We will continue with our literacy centres this week, with a new winter/festive vocabulary set

Students will receive their home-reading books Tuesday, November 15th, as Mme Alysha was absent Monday

Home-Reading books this week

Group 1: Mon amie la pieuvre, La maison sur la colline

Group 2: L'oeuf et l'hippo, La maman pieuvre

Group 3: Je joue avec de la pâte à modeler, Flottez petits bateaux!

Group 4: Grand dinosaure, Maman tigre et ses petits

Group 5: La voiture de course de Joujouville, La danse des bonshommes


We are continuing number sense for numbers 1-100 (grade 2) and 1-1000 (grade 3)

We are getting back into the swing of math centres with math games, problem resolution, small group teaching time, and more!


We will do an introduction of the States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gasses!

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